Escort etiquette

When you opt to hire escorts then you should know some common etiquette that should be followed by all clients. So, we have listed some very common escort etiquette that you should know about.

  • Treat her right – Just because you are paying them for the services doesn’t mean that you are free to do anything with her. Treat her like a real lady and we assure you that she will pay back the respect in form of love. You should also respect her boundaries and don’t try things that she is not into
  • Be romantic – Apart from treating right, you should be romantic with her. Escorts love clients who are not only a gentleman but who also knows how to initiate a conversation and how to spice up things. Be as creative as you can.
  • Be more open – Nobody enjoys the companionship of a boring person, hence you should be more open and straight forwards with escorts. They are open-minded hence you can share anything with them and they won’t judge you. If you are hiring an escort girl, make sure that you speak your mind out.
  • Dress appropriately – If you are going out for a date with an escort girl, make sure to wear something nice. Outer appearance is also very important to create a nice impression. Hence you should take care of this thing too. If you create a nice impression on them then you will definitely get rewarded for that.
  • Look good smell nice – If you are planning to spend some alone time with your hired escort girl, then make sure that you take a nice bath before she comes in. This will make sure that you are feeling fresh and your hired escort girl will also notice that in you. Hence its always a good idea to clean yourself before you meet the escort.
  • Bring something nice for her – Girls love gifts and the same goes for escorts. If you want to please her then buy her a nice dress, or you can give her some shoes too. They will appreciate your gesture and they will make sure that you are getting the return gift in the form of erotic pleasures.
  • Compliment her – Compliments is not flattering, it’s a simple gesture where you show that you are noticing her. She would really appreciate if you compliment her on how she looks, but don’t overdo it because that might ruin the beauty of it.
  • Get various types of drinks – If you are planning to spend some private time with her, then make sure that you get something to drink. Now since you don’t know if she prefers alcohol or not so it would be a good idea to bring in different types of drink or you can simply ask her about her preferences. This will make sure that she is comfortable and hence she can enjoy with you more. Always remember that you should follow these things otherwise a nice romantic evening might turn out to be bad.