Q:How to book me?

А:If you want to hire me, then check out the dates on which I will be coming to your city and you can call me on the given numbers. If you have some other requirements, then simply let me know.

Q:How to pay?

А:You can keep the money in an envelope and pay me right at the beginning. This will make sure that I am not worried and then we can proceed to other things.

Q:What’s the best place to meet?

А:The best place would be at your hotel room, or if you want to meet somewhere else just make sure that you are letting me know about that. You can either send me a car to pick me up, or else I can arrange my own commute. I am fine with both the options. Just let me know when and where and I will be there.

Q:What are the charges?

А:The charges are mentioned in my rates section and I have provided all the details. If you want something else that is not mentioned on that page, then you can simply call me to discuss more about that. You can also email me your requirements and I shall get back to you via email.

Q:What requests can you make?

А:If you are a romantic kind of person and if you want me to dress as per your desires, then just let me know, since I have lots of sexy dresses, I can wear whatever you want me to. I also have various costumes for roleplay and I love it when my clients are innovative and they want to try new things in life.

Q:How to treat me?

А:I love it when men are understanding and who respects women. If you are nice with me, then I will definitely be damn good with you, and if you wish to gift me something then that’s your choice. I don’t have a wish list, but nice pair of shoes are always welcome.

Q:What are the services I provide?

А:To know about the kind of services you can get from me, you should check out my services page, where I have listed everything about me and the things I am willing to do. If you want something more that is not listed, then just contact me.

Q:Would you travel to other countries as an escort?

А:That totally depends on my schedule and planning. If I am free and if you want to hire me as your travel companion, then I would definitely love to be with you. Just make sure that you contact me and tell me the dates on which you desire to travel, and for renumeration just ask me.

Q:Would you mind pleasing couples?

А:This is something I really appreciate and I don’t mind being with couples who are open-minded and who want to spice up their love life by adding a third person. If you are having such requirements then just let me know before you hire me.